Derryn & Amalie [married at Old Queen's Theatre]

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I've been fortunate enough to call these guys friends for quite sometime so to be asked to photograph their wedding was something that I'll treasure for a life time. I knew... I'm not sure how I knew but I knew that when I first saw Derryn & Amalie together many years ago that these two would get married.  Quite simply these guys are awesome.. like the definition of awesome.


AWESOME [aw-suh m] [ama-li / der-ren]


1. inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, or fear; causing or inducing an awesome sight; which can also be used as Amalie & Derryn.

2. Amalie & Derryn.

3. Slang. very impressive or alternatively known as very Amalie & Derryn.


Can't deny fact!

Wanna know whats even more awesome? Amalie and I are huge crows supporters whilst Derryn & Brie are Port supporters, needless to say there is always a few intense "discussions" come footy season.

I don't think that I've ever met such a down to earth- go easy, whatever happens-happens kind of couple and I hope these images give you brief insight into the depth of awesomeness that was committed on October 25th at Old Queen's Theatre, Adelaide.

A quick heads up that this blog post is going to be a long one. I did my best to keep it as small as possible but as you can tell I just couldn't take away and images of this amazing day.




I love you guys. Brie and I class ourselves forever blessed to call you friends.  I hope your wedding was as amazing for you as it was for me to capture and I truly hope I did it justice.


Until next time homies.


Nick x